Thursday, 13 December 2012

My Red Christmas Video Demo; Christmas Jumper Stockings

This year I have made and presented a selection of videos for the December issue of Red Magazine, you can find them online direct here, or follow the below instructions.

This is a fabulous way to recycle an old jumper or that special piece of knitwear granny gave you, which we all know your not planning to ever wear again!

Old Christmas jumper
Sewing machine
Ribbon to hang
Trims to decorate


Print out the stocking pattern, increasing or decreasing to your required size. Cut out the two pattern pieces, for stocking and fold over.

Next, ensure that your jumper is clean and dry. Lay out flat on a worktop, here you can see if there are any interesting patterns, pockets or buttons you would like to use in your stocking.

Turn your Christmas jumper inside out, so front and back are flat and keeping in mind the front pattern of the jumper. Draw around the stocking pattern, then pin into place and cut out both layers at the same time leaving around 1.5 cm seam allowance.

To cut out the fold over, place the top of the pattern piece on the finished edge of the bottom of the jumper, and repeat as before.

To attach the pieces, sew around the outer edge of the stocking shape, leaving a the top open, and sew along the sides of the fold over.

Turn the fold over the right way around, with the finished seam at the bottom, pull the stocking ( still back to front) through the middle. Match up and pin the side seams together, and then pin to hold into place. Stitch togther leaving around 1.5 cm seam allowance. Once you have done this, turn the socking inside out, so it is the right way around, and then fold forward the fold over.

Add some ribbon in a loop to hang and any trims of your choice.

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