Friday, 7 December 2012

My Red Christmas Video Demo; Sewn Tree Card

This year I have made and presented a selection of videos for the December issue of Red Magazine, you can find them online direct here, or follow the below instructions.

This super simple card design gives maximum effect!

Sheet of A4 card, one per card
Selection of scrapbook papers
Sewing Machine
Christmas stamp & ink
Sticky gem


Firsty, consider the size of your envelopes and what size of card will fit. Fold the A4 card in half and cut to size.

To make the tree shape, go to the Red Online Website where you can download the tree shape, or simply make your own, which are roughly thrids of a circle. Cut the shapes out from the scrapbook papers.

Open out the plain card base and lay the tree pieces in a pretty pattern on the card, with one at the top, then two underneath, followed by three underneath that etc.

Using the sewing machine, sew the first line for the tree trunk from the very top point straight down the middle, over the plain card around 2 cm, across about 0.5cm then back up to the top.

Next attach the sides of the tree with sewn branches, simply sewing a curved line across each shape.

Finish by printing a christmas message at the bottom and attaching a gem at the top of the tree.

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