Tuesday, 11 December 2012

My Red Christmas Video Demo; Wrapped Wool Wreath

This year I have made and presented a selection of videos for the December issue of Red Magazine, you can find them online direct here, or follow the below instructions.

This beautiful wreath is the Christmas version of my Over the Rainbow Wreath from book Everything Oz. It looks so lovely hung over a kitchen door or a panneled wall.

1 x polystyrene half ring wreath
Red ball of wool
glue gun
1.5cm white ribbon
0.5cm red  or gingham ribbon
Selection of ribbons for flowers
Dressmaking Pins


To begin, make a loop of wool around the wreath and tie a knot. Then simply wrap one layer of the wool around, ensuring there are no gaps by pusing wool together as you go.

Once your wreath is covered, take the white ribbon and wrap around the wreath, cut to size so there is a little overlap and use the glue gun to fix, do so in five equal spaces. Repeat with the red or gingham ribbon, placing in the center of the white.

To make the flowers,  take your chosen ribbon and create the first loop length by gluing the end back onto the ribbon, make another loop on the other side, the same size and again glue at the middle. Repeat this angling the loops as you go so they complete a circle shape. Once you have enough petals, trim off the end of the ribbon. Peirce the center with a dressmaking pin, and place onto your wreath, here you can add the button to the centre.

Repeat this process until you have enough large and small flowers. You can also add other trims and pieces such as wooden birds, a bow or some holly.

NB: for inside use only, wet weather may cause damage

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