Friday, 11 January 2013

Hannahs Home - Vintage Inspired Coat Rack

Hello! Well it seems like ages since I last was able to write a blog post what with Christmas and moving just over 6 weeks ago, it quite honestly has been mayhem in the Read-Baldrey household. We have finally moved into a whole house, yes there are stairs ( she says proudly), since then I have been basically covered in dirt, paint and whatever other wall filler type product I just so happen to have accidentally brushed against on that particular day. Now the dust is proverbially settling, I can have a go at some crafty Hannah's Home DIY.

This first project, a Vintage Inspired Coat Rack, was one I started before I moved when I was dreaming of the day I could hang my studded Zara jacket up after a hard days styling and say, "ahh this is home".

Having purchased these lovely numbered coat hooks from eBay; I assume they must have been locker room hooks, then found the piece of peeling turquoise old door timber in a skip ( which you can actually spot in my new book Girls Night In with the boozy lollies!) I quickly put two and two together.

I recently saw a similar, smaller rack in a vintage market for £150! This cost me £15...

1 x length of old timber, from yard, skip, beach etc
Selection of old coat hooks, look on eBay, vintage markets and second hand stores etc
Wet cloth, to clean 
2 x 50mm Slotted Glass Plates, these are how you hang your coat rack flat to the wall

Protect your dining room table, and lay the piece of timber across it. Clean it up, making sure there are no sharp bits of glass, screws or splinters that may be dangerous to you or your precious clothing. If you want to, you can neaten up ends with a saw.

Mesure the timber and divide the length by the number of coat hooks you have, minus their width and mark places on lightly with a pen or pencil.

Turn timber over and using the slotted plates as a guide, draw inside the hole, making sure the round part of the hole is pointing towards the bottom. The screw in the wall will hook onto the thinner slot. Drill a large hole ( or several holes to cover the area of the pencil outline) to about half the timber deep. Screw the plates into the wood over the holes.
Turn timber around again & screw in the hooks where you have marked, ensuring that they are the right way around for hanging.
Measure the distance between the holes of the Slotted Plates and mark on the wall, you may want to use a Level to ensure a straight line. Screw suitably sized screws into the wall, depending on the type of wall you may need plastic hole plugs.

Finally hook your coat rack onto the wall and stand back to see your handy work.


Deborah said...

This is gorgeous love colour too :) hope you settle into your new home quickly :) have a wonderfully happy weekend sweetie

Bee happy x

Hannah Read-Baldrey said...

Thanks hon! x